Past Development

A video pitch for the assessor last semester. By mistake I was given my own coach as assessor, I couldn't contact my actual assessor in time. As a consequence, I wasn't aware of who he was and neither did I speak him at the Exhibition. I still wanted to perform a pitch for the assessor, so I put together a video pitch and shared that with him. One of the visualizations of last semester's project.

During my first semester it took some getting used to before I felt comfortable at Industrial Design. At the start everything was new for me. But soon I saw what was going on, what was expected from us and how we have to choose our own path. I made progression in quite some competency areas in my opinion, got 30 ECTS with a Pass-verdict for B1.1. That semester I did the assignment "Look!" along with two compulsory assignments. The project I did was "Adaptive and Informative Skin", in the theme Next Nature. This might or might not have been the best choice for a B1.1 student. The project assignment was quite vague as we as a team had a massive amount of freedom. We had to really use our imagination, and everything was allowed. On the one hand, great to develop competencies like "Ideas and Concepts" or "Form and Senses", but less benificial for other competencies like "Integrating Technology", "Designing Business Processes" or "User Focus and Perspective".
But in the end I think B1.1 still was a succesful semester.

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Past Development

Past Competency Development

Overall growth
Self-Directed and Continuous Learning
Form and Senses
Ideas and Concepts
User Focus and Perspective
Socio-cultural Awareness
Integrating Technology
Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling
Designing Business Processes
Design and Research Process
Teamwork and Communication

Regarding competency development, I developed some of the competency areas to a level of awareness. After I realized that myself, it was even better to read that back in the feedback on the project. My coach as well as my assessor agreed on this. Concerning the depth of the content on the showcase, my assessor thought it was okay for a B1.1 student, but it would need to contain some more in-depth reflections.
Back then, the goal was to find out some more in-depth about the competency areas "Integrating Technology", "Socio-Cultural Awareness", "Designing Business Proccesses" and "Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling".

Past competency development